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Before we assume that your needs and objectives are wholly within the portfolio of solutions that SHERPA & Associates can provide, we need a more in-depth perspective of the “heartbeat” of your business. To that end, we would like to set up a Business Management Review, or BMR. This is the single best way for us to get close to your business and will put us in a position to make recommendations that can help you achieve your objectives.

The BMR session is primarily fact finding and evidence gathering. In medical terms it’s the examination stage. During the BMR, we will be able to identify, substantiate, understand and relate to your problems, concerns, initiatives and strengths.

After this session, SHERPA & Associates will be well placed to recommend an intervention for your company. After more than 40 years, our most powerful asset is a fresh perspective.

Dale Wernette - Sherpa & Associates

Dale Wernette, Founder of SHERPA & Associates and Sales Leadership Forums, brings over 40 years of leadership and sales management experience to each engagement.  His years of experience are best represented by 15+ years in sales management positions with three Fortune 100 companies, now complemented by 25 years of consulting assignments with major clients throughout North America.

Dale’s personal mission is to help people and organizations climb their mountains to greater productivity and profitably.

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We work with many well-known, well-respected companies across many different industries.