New Rules for Sales Managers by Dale Werenette
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Executive Summary

Meet Doug Vitreous. He is Super Sales Manager—or at least he thinks he is. But sales at Widgets, Inc. aren’t exactly where they are supposed to be, and while Doug is burning the midnight oil trying to sort things out, he finds some help from an unlikely source, who helps him devise a set of New Rules destined to help him achieve success through his sales team.

Author Dale Wernette understands Doug’s troubles pretty well, because he lived them. “The mistakes Doug makes in this book are real,” says Wernette, “I made them myself over the years!”

Realizing that individuals receive little or no developmental exposure to help them succeed in the position of sales manager, Wernette wrote New Rules for Sales Managers to prepare sales managers (or aspiring sales managers) to meet the challenges of our new economy and not make the same mistakes he did. “New Rules,” says Wernette, “was written to encourage today’s sales managers to discontinue many of their ineffective and, frankly, demotivating management methods.”

Through the story of Doug Vitreous, Wernette offers specific insights on hiring the right people and motivating your team—as well as leading, managing, planning, communicating, evaluating and coaching — that are timely, meaningful, and profound.

This is a book that should be on every sales managers’ desk to be paged through daily.
Galen Esslinger, V.P. Sales, Wichita Kenworth
Over 25 years, I have watched Dale dedicate himself to learning and transforming the science of sales leadership. Use these NEW RULES and brilliant insights to transform your sales strategies. Get the touch of the master from a man who has a passion and expertise that is rare in the world.
John Butler, Author of Crossing The Rubicon: Seven Steps to Writing Your Own Personal Strategy
This powerful, practical book is loaded with great ideas you can use immediately to increase the sales results of your team.
Brian Tracy, Author of Maximum Achievement